Wood Wall Art | Chevron Series

With the launch of our website and shop this month I'd like to do a post for each of the series in our Home Collection. The first is our Chevron Series wood wall art and home decor made from reclaimed wood.  This series was born the day my husband tore down our fence. Yes this really happened but a few things happened because of it.  The first is I got a way better fence! Our yard feels so much bigger now that we can see the seemingly endless green forest and blackberry bushes!


Another thing that happened was that I now had a huge supply of wood! I wanted to make something with it but wasn't sure what so we covered it up and waited for an idea to develop. Fast forward a few months later: I'm browsing Pinterest, as usual, and find this cool way to display Instagram photos

 Image from  The Crafted Life  

I decided I'm going to do this and use the wood from our fence!  Only...it doesn't happen. Somewhere between me ordering the photos and buying the paint I started getting inspired by quilt squares. Random? Yes. But this is how my brain works. I was noticing how in quilt squares you have a little pattern or shape that works with the others around it. I started thinking about my squares of wood in this way. I could see modern & bohemian patterns emerging as the pieces came together. I had my carpenter husband cut me a few squares and these samples were born. 

 The first editions of the a Chevron Series used gold foil tape but I later moved to gold paint. 

The first editions of the a Chevron Series used gold foil tape but I later moved to gold paint. 

From there I kept having what my husband called design orgasms. I started getting more ideas for home decor and art to go along with these wood squares. Shelves, candle holders, blanket ladders (coming soon) and more!


I could see a collection in my mind and wanted it so badly to become a reality.   The only thing left to do was to make it happen. From there Cottonwood Canopy and our Chevron Series emerged. I now have a website, an etsy shop, a blog and I'm almost up to 200 followers on Instagram! I realize that some people have tens of thousands of followers but for me this is amazing! I think social media is a wonderful way for artist to get exposure and it's really encouraging to see people from all over the world like what I'm doing.  

So that is how the Chevron Series came to be. You can now add shelves to the wall art and order custom sizes from our Etsy shop. You can even use Command strips to install them if you are in a rental or dorm. Check out the gallery to get more ideas on how the Chevron Series can be displayed and subscribe to the right to stay in the loop on when we release new items. Thanks for reading!! Use CHEVRON10 for 10% off any Chevron Series item in our shop! Happy shopping! 

 Shop this item in our  shop !  

Shop this item in our shop!