Natalia Heiser was born in the Midwest with a heart for the west.  She remembers the first time she saw the mountains on a road trip from IL to CO and knew she wanted them to be a part of her daily life.  After receiving her BA of Science with a Fine Art emphasis from Illinois State University in 2006 she started making plans to move to CO and made it happen a year later.  She put her creativity to work at a kitchen and bath showroom where she worked closely with interior designers, builders and architects.  Natalia worked on projects of all design styles but quickly fell in love with the clean, simple, and timeless lines of modern design.  After 7 years in CO she and her family found themselves making the trek to the Pacific Northwest.  It was here that her inspiration was ignited as she started making art using reclaimed wood for the Chevron Series.  After looking at quilt patterns and different geometric designs for inspiration she realized she needed to combine all the elements that she loved so much. She started seeing the complexity of mountain ranges and trees in a new light with simplified geometric shapes. Her sketches and experiments with lines also revealed another body of work more nonrepresentational containing abstract fractal patterns with mesmerizing movement.  Natalia Heiser's work has become a marriage between modern design and nature. Using wood as her canvas she connects the warmth of a natural element to the sterile dance of geometric fractals. Her desire for her work and herself is to always be changing and progressing toward the best version one can be.